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Tomorrow is pay day so to fill in my fairly dull Thursday evening (the most exciting thing ive done so far is drink hot chocolate) I am gonna share my online shopping fantasy wish list. As a completely unexpected turn of events everything I love on-line at the moment is in the sales and is red – I’ve obviously got Christmas on my mind!

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Playsuit With Pussybow

OH MY BUGSY MALONE! This play-suit from Asos Cuve makes me want to put on my brogues and Trilby and do the Charleston! I think this is the perfect colour for the winter months (mulled wine chic 😉 and teamed with a thick 100 denier pair of black tights and an oversized cardigan it is perfect for pub night. It’s in the sale at the moment for £24.50 and they only have a size 22 left – sign from above it should be mine?

Nautical fancies? I hope these seaside inspired prints don’t disappear because I love having a boat or an anchor as part of my attire. I -hate- how this top is styled in this photograph (I’d have it tucked into that skirt or with a pair of jeans) but that red is simply delicious and so versatile. Once again this is in the sale at Forever 21, £8.99 – BARGAIN!

Lovedrobe Red Animal Print Shirt

I’m such a fan of the dipped hem, I get paranoid in my jeans that I am showing my bum so the extra length at the back hides and pants that might be on show 😉 I also love my leopard print, I would wear this with black skinny jeans, biker boots and my black sequinned blazer for a glam night out with my man. This is on Evans website at the moment for £17.00.

Red (Red) Praslin Red Polka Dot Pleat Dress | 264950060 | New Look

I wouldn’t be a Rockabilly without adding a cheeky polka dot dress to my wish list and I adore this lovely Praslin Red Polka Dot Pleat dress from the New Look Inspire Range! Perfect for Christmas parties or just a glam Christmas shopping trip. They only have a size 18 left and for £36.00 its an absolute steal for a timeless wardrobe classic!

Well those are my favourite finds online this Thursday evening. Let me know what you think of my Thursday picks!

Night xoxo


I am pale like a vampire. fake tan??? nahh it’s winter I am going for my white glow =)

Wearing my favourite knitted pencil skirt from Primark, my butterfly jumper from Henry Holland and a waist belt that my friend Sam left around my house, not sure she’s ever getting it back :p

I love this outfit, pencil skirts and jumpers are my favourite combination for the winter months and I wear a variation of this outfit lots.

Love it 🙂

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, nahhh I can’t wear that I’m too fat. BULLSHIT. I’m fed up of shopping in plus size ranges of shops and having saggy fanny ugly jeans and t-shirts, because you wear above a size 16 should you be forced to wear black trousers and cartoon tees. WHOEVER DESIGNS THESE RANGES SHOULD BE FORCED TO WEAR THEIR CLOTHES. It’s now much easier to buy fashionable larger clothing, I love online shops like Asos and Forever 21 – the high street is getting better too, New Looks inspire range is getting better and Evans have really upped their game!

 Mini rant over.

Today I am wearing a cute linen jumpsuit that I picked up at my local car boot-sale, it hasn’t got a make it in but I know its from America – the girl told me she’d brought it in New York. I also got a pair of Apple bottom Jeans from this lass. I’m wearing one of my favourite black cardi’s with cute multi-coloured roses, thick black tights and a feather necklace that I found in one of my drawers and forgotten I had.

PSSSST. Look at my new orange velvet curtains (a freebie from freecycle!) I love them so much!



Mr Stables takes these photos for me and always tells me to smile, unfortunately all I can manage is an awkward smirk. (Ah well!)

What i’m wearing:
Cardigan: Henry Holland (check out the coloured trims)
Top: Charity shop find no label
Skirt: Primark
Accessories: My beloved waistbelt and vintage wooden beads

I love this outfit, mainly because its so comfortable and I can do anything in it! I hate wearing clothes that make me feel restricted or paranoid that I’m going to flash my bum. Being a plus size girl I like outfits that make the most of my curves and hide my bumpy bits so this ticks all the boxes -even if I do feel a little like a milk maid!

Today I am wearing a reproduction 1950’s dress that I had made for me last year. Me and my hubby Mr Stables used to run a vintage shop in Scarborough and this is a dress made by a fabulous seamstress we used to make in. 

I love the gorgeous dark blue paisley print of this fabric, I wear this dress at least once a week and always get compliments. Do you love it?




Brrr it’s freezing today and a Sunday so all I want is to be warm and comfortable!

This morning I had to work for a couple of hours, have brunch with my besties and then I am going for dinner tonight with my friends again so I wanted an outfit that would carry me throughout the day.

What i’m wearing:
Woolly Brown Tights – Marks & Spencer
Dress – St Michaels Vintage 80’s
Waist Belt – Charity shop bargain
Necklace – Vintage

I adore this dress and it always gets compliments when I go out, it didn’t cost me very much (something like £3.50 from my local charity shop) and I have worn it until the hem has started to fray!

Pssst! I apologies for the whole in my tights!

I’ve not blogged in so long I have almost forgotten how. So I am going to start myself again with an outfit of the day challenge.

Things to keep in mind with my OOTD posts – at the moment I wear a size 18/20 but am currently on a healthy eating plan so hopefully my dress size will be dropping as well – love an excuse to go shopping! I love Vintage clothing and my style is heavily influenced by bygone eras. Lastly, I buy pretty much NOTHING new, I love a good bargain and can’t remember when I brought something new (actually I do, it was a Betty Jackson dress that I brought in Debenhams sale & have worn at least 10 times since) – most of my clothes are from charity shops, bootsales and eBay with a rarity from the highstreet.

I hope you enjoy my clobber as much as I do!

So this will all start tomorrow – today I would like to welcome you to my wardrobe (sorry its messy!)