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It’s been a while since I have blogged on here but I am coming back with some great news! I have battled over 1000’s plus size ladies to the become one of 30 finalists to fight for the title of MISS PLUS SIZE INTERNATIONAL 2013 (title formally known as Miss BBW International)

Miss Plus Size International is a pageant exclusively reserved for women who a size 18+ and promotes body beautiful confidence for us ladies with a little junk in the trunk!

When I entered the competition I never expected to get to the final 200 let alone be one of the 30 finalists who get to strut their stuff in the final! The finals this year are being held in the The Grand Connaught Rooms (The Brits and Glamour Awards have been held here) and we are collecting money for MacMillan Cancer Support, a fantastic charity and one close to my own heart!

My next stage is a “boot camp” where we have pageant training, team building and hopefully lots of laughs. I watched the film DROP DEAD GORGEOUS the other evening and secretly hope that Pageant training involves dancing with step ladders, unlikely, but hey a girl can wish ;).

As well as the pageant the team also host BIG GIRLS PARADISE club nights, this is a touring nightclub that celebrates body acceptance and curves. I went to the club on February 9th with my best friend Shelley and our men. It was a fantastic night with lots of great tunes, dancing and rose wine! Keep an eye out for the touring club nights, they aren’t exclusively for Plus Size women, anyone can go along for dancing, drinks and frolics!

So my journey has just begun, I’ve been a finalist for a week now and it’s only starting to become real to me. I would love it if you could follow my facebook fan page here:

I promise to not overload your news feed everyday!



I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, nahhh I can’t wear that I’m too fat. BULLSHIT. I’m fed up of shopping in plus size ranges of shops and having saggy fanny ugly jeans and t-shirts, because you wear above a size 16 should you be forced to wear black trousers and cartoon tees. WHOEVER DESIGNS THESE RANGES SHOULD BE FORCED TO WEAR THEIR CLOTHES. It’s now much easier to buy fashionable larger clothing, I love online shops like Asos and Forever 21 – the high street is getting better too, New Looks inspire range is getting better and Evans have really upped their game!

 Mini rant over.

Today I am wearing a cute linen jumpsuit that I picked up at my local car boot-sale, it hasn’t got a make it in but I know its from America – the girl told me she’d brought it in New York. I also got a pair of Apple bottom Jeans from this lass. I’m wearing one of my favourite black cardi’s with cute multi-coloured roses, thick black tights and a feather necklace that I found in one of my drawers and forgotten I had.

PSSSST. Look at my new orange velvet curtains (a freebie from freecycle!) I love them so much!

Brrr it’s freezing today and a Sunday so all I want is to be warm and comfortable!

This morning I had to work for a couple of hours, have brunch with my besties and then I am going for dinner tonight with my friends again so I wanted an outfit that would carry me throughout the day.

What i’m wearing:
Woolly Brown Tights – Marks & Spencer
Dress – St Michaels Vintage 80’s
Waist Belt – Charity shop bargain
Necklace – Vintage

I adore this dress and it always gets compliments when I go out, it didn’t cost me very much (something like £3.50 from my local charity shop) and I have worn it until the hem has started to fray!

Pssst! I apologies for the whole in my tights!

I’ve not blogged in so long I have almost forgotten how. So I am going to start myself again with an outfit of the day challenge.

Things to keep in mind with my OOTD posts – at the moment I wear a size 18/20 but am currently on a healthy eating plan so hopefully my dress size will be dropping as well – love an excuse to go shopping! I love Vintage clothing and my style is heavily influenced by bygone eras. Lastly, I buy pretty much NOTHING new, I love a good bargain and can’t remember when I brought something new (actually I do, it was a Betty Jackson dress that I brought in Debenhams sale & have worn at least 10 times since) – most of my clothes are from charity shops, bootsales and eBay with a rarity from the highstreet.

I hope you enjoy my clobber as much as I do!

So this will all start tomorrow – today I would like to welcome you to my wardrobe (sorry its messy!)

Well what a rocking weekend I have had! My fiance and have been looking forward to seeing Rudy la Crouix for months, they are our friend Rowdy’s band and we having them play at wedding next year so we were very excited for the night out.

As usual, I did not have a clue what I was going to wear! I haven’t been to the Westie rock and roll night before so I didn’t know whether it was a swing dress and petticoat night or jeans and a gingham shirt – so I decided I would go for something in-between. Thank God for my loyal flatmate Sam, she sat in my room with me for over an hour going through all my dresses, changing my underwear, shoes, jewellery – I think I changed at least 12 times! I was very nearly at the point of tears when Sam ventured into the part of my wardrobe reserved for dresses that don’t fit me at the moment, she took out my silk pokadot halterneck £95.00 dress from Monsoon. It has never fitted me, even when I brought it it was a slimming into number, so when she made me try it on and the zip eased up, I felt smug! I am on a wedding diet at the moment and over the last 6 weeks have lost 16Ibs, I currently have a 35″ waist and I am determined to have a 28″ waist for my wedding dress.


The gig was hosted by the ‘Memphis Belles’ a bloody brilliant local rock and roll club. The members are a real assortment of people, but you will never meet a more accommodating and welcoming bunch. Scott and I have been going out on the Rock and Roll circuit for just over a year now but because of our business we are normally selling our clothing so don’t always get the chance to dance so our jiving is still not the standard we want it, and I am still learning the basic moves for the ladies only dancing but they take you under their wings and teach you all their moves – Rockers never judge!

Rudy la Crouix play lots of boppin songs and we want them for the wedding because their “Folsom Prison Bop” is one of mine and Scott’s songs so of course I had a wiggle on the dance floor to that. They also have a country influence adding their own rock and roll twist to classics like ‘House of the Rising Sun’. The band really do know how to entertain and I hope that when we have them at the wedding our friends and family will love the foot tapping beats and music that can’t help but put a smile on your face!

Please check out the band and if they are playing any gigs near to you – try to see them – they are true gentleman and a band that you don’t want to miss out on!

What a lucky lucky girl I am. I discovered and brought the most beautiful nautical dress and I want to share it with the world. I started browsing chic star a few months ago, and have wanted to order something from them in ages but decided that their prices were too cheap (what was I thinking!) and that the dresses might be bad materials…well hands up ladies, because I was horribly wrong! I decided to buy myself the navy blue sailor dress. Payment was easy and I received the dress within 5 days, amazing considering it flew over from the USA. I decided to play safe and brought the dress in a size 20 (I wear anything between a 16-20) and im glad I went for my larger size as the dress is made in that extra clingy material which is fabulous for showing off my pin-up curves.

I love the dress and would recommend it to anyone who wants the Vintage Sailor look. However, I was a bit miffed with the belt – it is too big! I havent actually worn the belt that comes with the dress yet as I am waiting to add some extra belt holes to it so it does the job! I love that they make plus size girls, but with real curves we can have little waists! (I have a 34″ waist and 52″ hips!) So have been experimenting with other belts I have in my wardrobe.

I plan on wearing this as a daytime dress to a Rock’n’roller I am going to on Saturday, I haven’t decided what I am going to wear in the evening yet – that will probably be tomorrows blog!

(I seem to pull very uncomfortable faces in my blog pictures, and please my “just got in from work” hair, there’s no excuse for it really!!)

Anyways, just wanted to show off my new dress!
I think every plus size pin-up should have one ❤

Brought to you with love,

Frankii Silver