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I love scavenging around charity shops, car boot-sales and antique fairs for something a little different for my home, I don’t want own something that my neighbour is going to have in their lounge and I always want my belongings to have a story behind them.

But forget that ethos because I want nearly EVERYTHING on ‘www.notonthehighstreet.com’

I love a bit of online shopping, especially on my lunch break at work, it breaks up my day and gives me beautiful things to dream about for the remainder of my shift – and so far, notonthehighstreet has never let me down. I first discovered the website last year after over hearing some women talk about it on the train, and my ear wigging did not let me down! Not all of the website is unique, some of it is the same boring commercial crap you see in ‘retro boutiques’ nothing offensive, all very nice, but not unusual enough for me. But there are some real jems on the site, and lots of the sellers offer free postage (far from the postage profiteers of eBay).  Also lots of the items for sale use recycled products – who doesn’t like a bit of reusing eh? I like that there is a lot of variation and lots of the gifts have the potential to be personalised making it a great place to find presents for the people who you love.

Here are a few things that I could happily live with in my new home:

For The Master Bedroom

PiP Studio Chinese rose red

 This bedding is lush. At the moment there is a lot of retro inspired prints on the highstreet (even argos has polka dot bedding) but ive been finding them all a little samey. I love the oriental inspired print on this bedding and the luxurious colours – I am a fan of vibrant bed linen and this one has just been added to my wish list. At £68.00 for a duvet cover and 4 x pillows the bedding is pricey, but I like to spend money on something that I use everyday and for 100% cotton and a 320 thread count I think it is worth the money. Out of 8 reviews on the website one person has rated the bedding poor and 5 have rated it excellent. I think I might buy this as a house-warming present to myself.

Buy yours here.

For the Guest Room

 My new house has a guest bedroom with two twin beds. I have already pinched two vintage crochet bedspreads from my moms attic and I think that these recycled linen cushions would look fab on the beds – one blue and one red. I am very excited by the prospect of having a marvellous welcoming room that everyone wants to stay in (imagine that episode of Friends when Phoebe’s flat burns down and her and Rachel fight over staying at Monica’s). These cushions are priced at £39.00 each and come with free postage (yipee) the fabric used is recycled sailcloth so is highly durable and can be used inside or out and the cushions come with a  luxury duck feather filler (tbh I expect that for the price!)

Buy them here.

For the Kitchen

Meet the Love Angel – isn’t this print fabulous? It is priced at £10 (unframed) and I think it is simply marvellous. Like all good rockabilly girls I love a pin-up print and this one and its quirky style is right up my street. I would fame the print in either a very modern bright red frame or a classic gold. The image has been collaged by prints from vintage magazines by the very talented Nicky Snow to create this gorgeous masterpiece. I like my kitchen to have lots of different art on the walls (just things associated with food would make this dieter hungry all the time). How excited would you be if you found this at a boot-sale or in your local charity shop for a tenner?

See more info about the artist and buy the print here

For the Lounge

Old vinyls remoulded into bookends? OKAY THEN. My love for these cannot be described with my limited vocabulary. I love them so much that I just brought myself some on my credit card – priced at £18.00 for the pair with free delivery how can you go wrong? My OH and I have a large collection of Rockabilly, Classic Rock and Musical records that we have collected over the last couple of years and we have struggled for a way to store/display them and this has answered our prayers. I decided to opt for ‘lucky dip’ rather than pay an extra £14.00 to request an artist (obviously if I was made of money I would request Johnny Cash). I cannot wait for these to arrive to house my records and I will probably blog about their beauty when they arrive.

Buy yours here!

For the Bathroom

After watching Downtown Abbey Sunday evening I have longed for an enamel soap dish, they had one in on the wall in the trenches and I have not stopped thinking about it since (yes I am aware that at twenty this is very sad). These small enamel wall soap dishes cost £7.50 (plus £2.45 postage). To be honest, I would much rather find a vintage one but if I fail on this task in the next few months I will revert back to a reproduction. I definitely like the white colour best as the caramel looks a little murky for a bathroom. If any of you see a vintage one anywhere, let me know?

Buy repro here

Thanks for reading my witterings for today, I enjoy scouring the internet and writing about the lovely stuff I find.

If you can recommend any other fun online shops please let me know?