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I have been having a right time of it lately, and have felt really depressed.

Last night I cried myself to sleep, I had no reason to I just felt overwhelmingly sad. But through this ridiculous misery I know that I will always have love in my life.

The love of my family and my Scott.

I loved him the first time I laid eyes on him, and somehow I feel more in love with him everyday.


It was payday yesterday so I am now once again financially funded to buy some stuff of t’internet. I was having a nose on ASOS Curve range because they can have some cool stuff and came across some little vintage inspired frocks that I may just have to invest in. I have literally hundreds of Vintage dresses but I have decided that I need some to wear for work and play. I don’t like spending my money on something I can only wear on Saturday and Sunday so here are my top 3 choices from ASOS Curve at the moment. All sizes UK20-26 and the dresses are £40.00 or under so right little bargains, I am going to buy them and I’ll give you my own review. =)




 I love a good red dress, and the casual 1960’s vibe to this one is right up my street. I love how ASOS say the models they use for this range are a size 20 – I would love to be a size 20 with a skinny waist like her.  I am also not a fan of the bare legs with this dress, I think it would look mint with a pair of opaque tights and some killer heels. I also wish this dress had capped sleeves, but hey-ho, would look superb with a leopard print cardi.

I think the shape of this dress is boring, but love the colour.  When the highstreet does vintage it is always this predictable high-neckline with a thick banded waist. I’m a bit in two minds about the fabric for this dress, but the colour has won it over for me, I am going to buy it and see how it goes.

I am just in love with this entire outfit – I am going to buy the dress but would want the boots as well if they were flat. It does worry me slightly that the dress looks see-through on the model, but that’s fine, there is a reason slips were made. I have wanted a new knitted dress for ages so literally cannot wait for this to arrive on my doorstep! ❤

Dont worry my lovelies, the photos will up as soon as the dresses arrive.

Short little blabby post for my lunch break at work. Now im going on Play.Com to buy me and Samantha ridiculous vampire dvds to annoy our boys.



To me Amy Winehouse wasn’t just a musician, she was an angel. Yes she had drug issues and yes she wasn’t always an ideal role model but she led me through some dark times and for that I am eternally grateful.

When I was a teenager I listened to her albums constantly. I have memories of dancing around my bedroom to her rendition of “cupid” and I cannot even count how many times I have watched her acoustic videos on youtube. Through Amy Winehouse I learnt that being different was okay, it was okay for me to rat my hair big, and it was okay for me to want to wear vintage clothing before they became ‘mainstream’. I piled on the eyeliner for school and was horrifically bullied for looking ‘dirty’ and bitches laughed at me, but Amy did it, so it made me okay with that. I understand that she was a celebrity and that I didn’t really know her, but I find grasping that notion difficult. When I found out she had died I felt numb and like I had lost a friend – is this how my mum felt when Jimi Hendrix died?

So what she had drug problems? Does that make her a terrible person…  She was a lost young woman who was obviously too good for this world. Addiction is a terrible demon and unfortunately Amy just couldn’t fight it. To me she was loved, and the tributes that are flooding the internet prove that many people loved her. unfortunately people are using the internet to express their negative judgements on her – we all know a junky or alcoholic and they have friends, family and people who love them, if one of them died would you jump on you moral podium and judge, the answer is probably no… so why is it okay to do it when it is a celebrity?

It is to raw for me to be able to listen to her music at the moment. Maybe in the next few days I will play her albums and reflect on one of the greats of our time. My fiance Scott was lucky enough to see her in concert and I know he feels humbled by that. I do not want to remember her by what she became, I will remember her as the icon she was – with a huge beehive, retro tattoos and a fabulous cleavage.

She was a genius.

Amy Winehouse, I love you and miss you already.

Sleep tight and go sing in heaven you angel.


My song of the day, love this band, love their version of this song.


Well what a rocking weekend I have had! My fiance and have been looking forward to seeing Rudy la Crouix for months, they are our friend Rowdy’s band and we having them play at wedding next year so we were very excited for the night out.

As usual, I did not have a clue what I was going to wear! I haven’t been to the Westie rock and roll night before so I didn’t know whether it was a swing dress and petticoat night or jeans and a gingham shirt – so I decided I would go for something in-between. Thank God for my loyal flatmate Sam, she sat in my room with me for over an hour going through all my dresses, changing my underwear, shoes, jewellery – I think I changed at least 12 times! I was very nearly at the point of tears when Sam ventured into the part of my wardrobe reserved for dresses that don’t fit me at the moment, she took out my silk pokadot halterneck £95.00 dress from Monsoon. It has never fitted me, even when I brought it it was a slimming into number, so when she made me try it on and the zip eased up, I felt smug! I am on a wedding diet at the moment and over the last 6 weeks have lost 16Ibs, I currently have a 35″ waist and I am determined to have a 28″ waist for my wedding dress.


The gig was hosted by the ‘Memphis Belles’ a bloody brilliant local rock and roll club. The members are a real assortment of people, but you will never meet a more accommodating and welcoming bunch. Scott and I have been going out on the Rock and Roll circuit for just over a year now but because of our business we are normally selling our clothing so don’t always get the chance to dance so our jiving is still not the standard we want it, and I am still learning the basic moves for the ladies only dancing but they take you under their wings and teach you all their moves – Rockers never judge!

Rudy la Crouix play lots of boppin songs and we want them for the wedding because their “Folsom Prison Bop” is one of mine and Scott’s songs so of course I had a wiggle on the dance floor to that. They also have a country influence adding their own rock and roll twist to classics like ‘House of the Rising Sun’. The band really do know how to entertain and I hope that when we have them at the wedding our friends and family will love the foot tapping beats and music that can’t help but put a smile on your face!

Please check out the band and if they are playing any gigs near to you – try to see them – they are true gentleman and a band that you don’t want to miss out on!

A photo taken on my blackberry.
I love an over edited photo.
My tattoo looks awesome.
That is why I have decided to blog it.

What a lucky lucky girl I am. I discovered and brought the most beautiful nautical dress and I want to share it with the world. I started browsing chic star a few months ago, and have wanted to order something from them in ages but decided that their prices were too cheap (what was I thinking!) and that the dresses might be bad materials…well hands up ladies, because I was horribly wrong! I decided to buy myself the navy blue sailor dress. Payment was easy and I received the dress within 5 days, amazing considering it flew over from the USA. I decided to play safe and brought the dress in a size 20 (I wear anything between a 16-20) and im glad I went for my larger size as the dress is made in that extra clingy material which is fabulous for showing off my pin-up curves.

I love the dress and would recommend it to anyone who wants the Vintage Sailor look. However, I was a bit miffed with the belt – it is too big! I havent actually worn the belt that comes with the dress yet as I am waiting to add some extra belt holes to it so it does the job! I love that they make plus size girls, but with real curves we can have little waists! (I have a 34″ waist and 52″ hips!) So have been experimenting with other belts I have in my wardrobe.

I plan on wearing this as a daytime dress to a Rock’n’roller I am going to on Saturday, I haven’t decided what I am going to wear in the evening yet – that will probably be tomorrows blog!

(I seem to pull very uncomfortable faces in my blog pictures, and please my “just got in from work” hair, there’s no excuse for it really!!)

Anyways, just wanted to show off my new dress!
I think every plus size pin-up should have one ❤

Brought to you with love,

Frankii Silver