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Bonjour my fellow bloggers and welcome to “Frankii loves Vintage” my personal vintage inspired blog. I am a rock and roll girl at heart and am fortunate to live my life surrounded by fabulous vintage clothes, handbags and homeware – my lovely flatmate Sam has inspired me to write a blog of my own sharing my goodies with the world.

Today I am going to simply tell you a bit about me. I am a plus-size girl and have found 1950’s dresses lend themselves to ladies with curves! Personally I love the rockabilly fashion and try to mould myself to look every inch the rock and roll queen. Inspired by the timeless pin-ups such as Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe I paint my nails red, make my hair red and flick my eyeliner like a lady. Unlike Marilyn, I have rockabilly inspired tattoos including a swallow, rose and most recently a leopard print anchor on my wrist. I love having my own unique style and dressing to flatter my figure is an added plus.

Yesterday I wore a white linen 1950’s inspired dress from Marks and Spencer. I got several compliments on my dress and everyone thought it was authentic! I have collected vintage clothing for around five years now and it is difficult to get the genuine articles in larger sizes (I wear a UK16-20) so it is brilliant to be able to buy good ‘copies’ on the highstreet. I got my Marks and Sparks dress in the Per Una sale for £29.00 ( it doesn’t really get more of a bargain than that! In normal circumstances I would have worn the dress with wedge heels to lengthen my legs and hide my chubby ankles (I am a tall girl but have chunky legs!) but Hastings is full of hills so I wore it with my moccasin pumps.

My trip to Hastings was to rummage through the dozens of retro shops that are based in the Old Town. I love shopping in Hastings because you never know what treat you are going to find. I went with my fiance, Scott, and my mum. Scott loves everything 1950’s from the clothing to the music, and secretly wishes he was Johnny Cash. From wearing the bowling shirts to Brylcreem-ing his hair, my man is head to toe stuck in a 50’s time warp and I wouldn’t have him any other way! He has been after some more jeans in a while, he’s been oo-and-arring over some Freddie’s jeans for a while, but only knows online stockists and did not want to risk them being the wrong size with the hassle of having to send them back, so he was chuffed when he discovered a shop that sold Prison Blue jeans. Shipped over from the USA, direct from Oregan Prison where inmates make them, it is their own choice to make the clothing and there is a three-year waiting list for those wanting to join the production line,  these jeans are made from heavy durable material and are cut in the classic americana fifties design, Scott brought the classic shape in the dark blue colour – he considered the black pair, but to be honest they look the same as Levi 501’s and aren’t as “rock and roll”.
Buy your man a pair from the High Street Retro Centre, Hastings or online from http://www.rockersengland.co.uk

Everyday I will share another plus-size vintage dress I have found, or a unique accessory or piece of homeware that I think is amazing. I might simple post a classic song that I’ve got in my head that day, I will try to post something new everyday.

This is a simple welcome post and tomorrow I will have something more exciting to say. For the meanwhile check out the M&S website, it’s an unusual place to look for retro fashions but I found my glorious goodie there this week so you might just find one too.

Made for you with love,
Frankii Silver