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I’ve not blogged in so long I have almost forgotten how. So I am going to start myself again with an outfit of the day challenge.

Things to keep in mind with my OOTD posts – at the moment I wear a size 18/20 but am currently on a healthy eating plan so hopefully my dress size will be dropping as well – love an excuse to go shopping! I love Vintage clothing and my style is heavily influenced by bygone eras. Lastly, I buy pretty much NOTHING new, I love a good bargain and can’t remember when I brought something new (actually I do, it was a Betty Jackson dress that I brought in Debenhams sale & have worn at least 10 times since) – most of my clothes are from charity shops, bootsales and eBay with a rarity from the highstreet.

I hope you enjoy my clobber as much as I do!

So this will all start tomorrow – today I would like to welcome you to my wardrobe (sorry its messy!)