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I have been pondering over eyelash extensions for a few months now, my mum first told me about them and I did some internet research to discover that I desperately want them. I hate to say it but I am one of those girls who sticks on fake eyelashes to go out, and if I wasnt so bloody lazy I would wear them to work too… just the hassle of sticking a strip on every morning… NAH. So after I had a good month at work and got some extra commission so I decided to treat myself too a set of extensions of my own.

I googled eyelash extensions in Farnham and discovered the lovely Farnham Eyelashes (the wonderful google AdWords led me to her). I did ring around a few beauticians who offered this service, but after a couple of chats on the phone Tara was the one who was warm, friendly, confident and said all the right things to make me book an appointment with her.

Before you have eyelash extensions you have to make sure you have removed all your eye make-up, as skanky as it sounds I have worn mascara and eyeliner everyday for the last three years – so to ensure there are no traces of make up is hard work.

When I first went to Tara’s house I was super nervous, she was lovely – she took the time to explain the process fully to me, she explained how the lashes sit on your naturally and how she works with your natural lash to make a thick natural look – and that was exactly what I was going for – I wanted those lashes that people look at and think ‘wow, are they real?’

And that was definitely the result I achieved.

After two hours of Tara putting individual extensions on each of my lashes, I’m not gonna lie, my bum went numb and forcing your eyes shut for that long is a strange sensation – but the result was worth it, Tara has given me incredible thick lashes that are going to last for three weeks.

I am chuffed with the results and am deffo addicted – what do you think?

I wish the after photo was better quality… but yeah, you can see they are lush.

Local ladies check out Tara


My best friend means the world to me.

Yes, this -is- a soapy gushy post about her, but that’s okay because she’s gonna probably be the first to read it and she’ll love it. I am so fricking lucky to have someone to turn to whenever things go wrong, someone who supports me through changes, the woman who shrieked down the phone when I told her Scott and I were getting married and the one who is always just there for me. We go through lots together and she always brings out the best in me.

I have had love for her for five years now, and there’s more of that to come in the future.

Our life seems to parallel and that’s no coincidence:

We were educated together.

We played hard together.

Dated bums together.

Drank till we were paralytic together.

Danced like no one was watching together.

Fell in love with our boys together.

Lived together.

Went Glamping together.

And 2012 sees us both getting married to the loves of our lives, unfortunately not together, but she’s playing a huge part in it all.

I take our little chats for granted, but the truth is Samantha Hickey, you’ve always been there and lets face it, at the end you’ll still be there. Thank you for being my best friend, I love you like a sister, and though we joke about it – I just don’t tell you enough.

I love you Smelly.

Its been a LONG time since I wrote a blog.

Not blogging since 20th September has made me feel glum, my life has changed lots since then and I am angry with myself for not documenting it as I promised I would do. But not to sit on my blue elephant for too long, I decided today that I am going back to a weekly blog post.

So where do you start when you’ve not blogged for five months? Nosing at my stats of course and see what search terms people are using to find me. Now my ego was sufficiently fed with terms such as “pretty swallow tattoo” and “Frankii Silver” coming up as my main hits – but corr blimey, there was some right random toff in there as well mainly the term “Fred Perry Shirts and Dodgy Quiffs!” That made me chuckle because I LOVE a Fred Perry and Dodgy Quiff.

I remember when I brought my first Fred Perry polo shirt, it was when I was 16 and living in Hastings. I saw some girl in Brighton wearing one and was desperate to get my hands on it (because obviously if I had that shirt I would look -really- cool and my life would get better) so being young and naive I strolled into Debenhams grabbed one of the hanger and took it to the changing rooms unknowing that they cost around £65.00. FUCK THAT for a shirt. Decided a Fred Perry wasnt for me, I could do with being un-cool and not looking like some random bird in Brighton… The next Sunday I went to a Car Bootsale with my mumma and there it was, brand new, with the label, black and white, size M.  mens Fred Perry polo for a £5.00 – this is the moment I decided that it was meant to be for me and Mr Perry and I havent looked back since.

I love a good polo shirt, stick with some turn-up jeans, converse and a cardi and you get a really laid back rockabilly day look which looks super cool without trying to hard. A polo shirt on a bigger girl can look awesome I think wearing them tight on big boobs is sexy, I avoid loose ones because they can look like a work uniform!

The man in my life even loves a good Fred Perry (he quite often borrows mine!) when I first met Scott he loved the Golden era suited and booted look but has relaxed what he wears in the last couple of years and he quite often rocks a FP.

Dodgy Quiffs is my usual day hair. I love the Forties and Fifties scene, but without a couple of hours to get ready in the morning I can’t do the hair so usually resort to backcombing and a HUGE quiff with either my hair down or a pony tail. I personally think the bigger the better with a quiff but can quite often find myself looking like a parody from Grease.

Well that broke my fingers in back to it.

I cant wait to getting back to blogging properly.

Catcha soon 😉

Frankii Silver