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My thighs have always been my biggest body hang up – psychologically and physically. I have always had two great big meaty blocks at the top of my legs that I despised. The only time I really liked my thighs was when they were restrained in tights under a floaty dress that disguised what I believed to be the most unattractive grotesque part of my body. As a teenager I lusted after images of Alexa Chung’s long wispy legs with nobly knees and the elusive gap that all women are supposed to strive for, but in hindsight it’s not that great and it wasn’t what I wanted. I was surrounded by the press who spoke of Beyoncé and commended her on ‘curvy’ thighs, but those muscle toned legs she sports did not represent what I was hiding under my mass of material. Her thighs are what my dreams are made of. I would angst over other people’s legs, wanting to hide my own, doing squats and constantly dieting – then I realised that life is TOO short!

photo(27) - Copy

I now LIKE my thighs. There are times when I wish they weren’t so chunky – I am going to have those moments in the changing rooms when I catch a glimpse of myself and want to die but these are always going to be my thighs and life is too short to worry about the size of them. At the moment I feel pretty fatabulous about my legs.

SO instead of hiding my legs behind tights I am going out in skirts with bare legs, instead of not buying that dress I love because its short I am going to embrace the hem line and rather than worry about how big they are gonna look in a pair of jeans I am going to wear my size 22’s with pride.

Now I am a finalist of MISS PLUS SIZE INTERNATIONAL 2013 part of my role is to promote body confidence. One of the most popular links to my blog is ‘Fat Girl in Tights’…so Fat Girl in tights is what I will give you!

New folder (3)

(Dress from ASOS Curve, Tights from Marks and Spencer, Shoes from Evans)

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Mr Stables and I went Christmas shopping in Farnham today. My beautiful husband took me for a Christmas hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows at Costa Coffee and we pondered around the shops buying presents for our loved ones.

Its cold today so I wore my beloved Julian McDonald Russian hat, I brought it from Debenhams in September for my honeymoon in Edinburgh and wear it nearly everyday. I went for a vintage Jaeger red jumper and my worn-to-often navy blue skirt from Primark. My red coat is from Marks & Spencer and my brogues are £5.00 bargains from New Look! My outfit today was all about comfort and keeping warm but I felt gorgeous. As its very nearly Christmas I decided to crack out my red lipstick for the festive period.

Hope you like it 🙂

I am pale like a vampire. fake tan??? nahh it’s winter I am going for my white glow =)

Wearing my favourite knitted pencil skirt from Primark, my butterfly jumper from Henry Holland and a waist belt that my friend Sam left around my house, not sure she’s ever getting it back :p

I love this outfit, pencil skirts and jumpers are my favourite combination for the winter months and I wear a variation of this outfit lots.

Love it 🙂



Mr Stables takes these photos for me and always tells me to smile, unfortunately all I can manage is an awkward smirk. (Ah well!)

What i’m wearing:
Cardigan: Henry Holland (check out the coloured trims)
Top: Charity shop find no label
Skirt: Primark
Accessories: My beloved waistbelt and vintage wooden beads

I love this outfit, mainly because its so comfortable and I can do anything in it! I hate wearing clothes that make me feel restricted or paranoid that I’m going to flash my bum. Being a plus size girl I like outfits that make the most of my curves and hide my bumpy bits so this ticks all the boxes -even if I do feel a little like a milk maid!

Today I am wearing a reproduction 1950’s dress that I had made for me last year. Me and my hubby Mr Stables used to run a vintage shop in Scarborough and this is a dress made by a fabulous seamstress we used to make in. 

I love the gorgeous dark blue paisley print of this fabric, I wear this dress at least once a week and always get compliments. Do you love it?




Brrr it’s freezing today and a Sunday so all I want is to be warm and comfortable!

This morning I had to work for a couple of hours, have brunch with my besties and then I am going for dinner tonight with my friends again so I wanted an outfit that would carry me throughout the day.

What i’m wearing:
Woolly Brown Tights – Marks & Spencer
Dress – St Michaels Vintage 80’s
Waist Belt – Charity shop bargain
Necklace – Vintage

I adore this dress and it always gets compliments when I go out, it didn’t cost me very much (something like £3.50 from my local charity shop) and I have worn it until the hem has started to fray!

Pssst! I apologies for the whole in my tights!