I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, nahhh I can’t wear that I’m too fat. BULLSHIT. I’m fed up of shopping in plus size ranges of shops and having saggy fanny ugly jeans and t-shirts, because you wear above a size 16 should you be forced to wear black trousers and cartoon tees. WHOEVER DESIGNS THESE RANGES SHOULD BE FORCED TO WEAR THEIR CLOTHES. It’s now much easier to buy fashionable larger clothing, I love online shops like Asos and Forever 21 – the high street is getting better too, New Looks inspire range is getting better and Evans have really upped their game!

 Mini rant over.

Today I am wearing a cute linen jumpsuit that I picked up at my local car boot-sale, it hasn’t got a make it in but I know its from America – the girl told me she’d brought it in New York. I also got a pair of Apple bottom Jeans from this lass. I’m wearing one of my favourite black cardi’s with cute multi-coloured roses, thick black tights and a feather necklace that I found in one of my drawers and forgotten I had.

PSSSST. Look at my new orange velvet curtains (a freebie from freecycle!) I love them so much!