I hate to brag, but I had a fabulous weekend.

I spent the saturday daytime scavenging through the local charity shops with my mum. We were on a serious buying spree and I ended up spending £50.00 on 8 second hand dresses, three of them vintage and the others fab makes.

I love Sundays, I especially love Sundays when my Scott is off work and we get to go on mini adventures. Last weekend we decided to go to the beach with Scott’s parents, his lovely sister and her fiance. Scott’s parents took us all to West Wittering, I have never been there before so it was quite a Sunday outing for me. The weather looked dodgy in the morning so I decided to wear jeans and a gypsy blouse – I very rarely wear jeans and trust me to choose them on the day that the weather turns out to be superb. I wear my dresses in the rain and snow, but the day we actually have warm sunshine I wear jeans…irritating and typical!

We had an early start so I couldn’t really be bothered to style my hair properly, I thought a quick quiff and large flower would rockabilly my outfit enough for me. I love the gingham blouse I wore, I brought it from a jumble sale last summer, it has no label and is a little tatty around the hems so I am guessing it is homemade – which makes me love it more! My little black cardigan was a find at the bootsale last Sunday, it is cashmere with different coloured small roses dotted all over it, it is stunning and only cost me £1.50 – I was chuffed when i found it, I have only worn it three times and I have had compliments on it each time.

Wittering is a fabulous little place. At first I was horrified by the £7.50 per car entrance fee but the toilets are nice and clean – for that, I would be £15.00 per car! When you go on an outing with the Stables clan, you do it properly, and I was delighted when Scott’s dad started pulling out gazebos, deck chairs, blankets, barbeques, gas stoves, kettles, a china tea set and every type of meat and salad you could think of. I sat on the beach in the sun, drinking beer and eating too much food – my ideal day!


I felt very chilled out, just what I needed after a hectic week at work, and it was made all the more marvellous by my OH. He wore a vintage coffee coloured Fred Perry with his 1970’s aviators and dark jeans – he looked like a retro seventies detective! He is so handsome, I am a very lucky girl and love him very much.

I love my second family, and I cannot wait to be Mrs Stables. I hope you all had fabulous weekends, and its Thursday now, so we all have the bank holiday very close (wahoo)!!

Psssst. Me and Scott got the gorgeous flat that I spoke about in my last post! I will write and put up pictures when we move in!