So everything has been a bit up in the air recently. We moved into our flat four months ago, and had gotten pretty settled. It is the first time that James and Sam have lived away from their parents, the first time me and Scott have lived together in Farnham, and the first time that all four of us have lived together – and to be honest, minus silly arguments about cleaning and grumpy moods clashing we have done pretty well. So when James and Sam dropped the bombshell that they have been offered a house by James’ dad I was really upset. I found myself in a ridiculous situation where I was livid that they were moving, but at the same time my two best friends are being given a house – so I am obviously ecstatic for them, if not a little bit jealous!

The initial shock has worn out now, and Scott and I have begun our house hunt. Today I looked at a 3 bedroom flat on a very posh road in Farnham, it was defiantly luxurious. The flat was two double bedrooms and one small bedroom, that Scott would let me use for a sewing room (EEE!), and a large kitchen, large lounge, medium-sized dining room, and two bathrooms!  The entire flat has cream walls and cream carpets, it is very bright, airy and completely different to anywhere we have ever lived – and I loved it!

I normally go for period properties, but I loved the modern edge to this flat and I really think Scott and I could make it somewhere very special. The flat is at the top end of our budget, but it is extremely luxurious, however, after much soul-searching, Scott and I have decided that we work bloody hard and earn good money, so we deserve somewhere lovely… and we could really make this OUR palace!

Hopefully Scott will go and view the apartment on Thursday morning, I hope it doesn’t get let whilst we wait, I might have to ask the agent to not let anyone else see it!

In the meantime, I am putting dresses I have not worn in a while on Ebay, and some make up and homeware that I have brought and not used on there as well! So take this as shameless advertising for my eBay page. Look, bid, share =)

Bye for now WordPress, I will update you all on my housing situation as soon as I know whats going on… in the meantime keep your fingers and toes crossed for us.