It was payday yesterday so I am now once again financially funded to buy some stuff of t’internet. I was having a nose on ASOS Curve range because they can have some cool stuff and came across some little vintage inspired frocks that I may just have to invest in. I have literally hundreds of Vintage dresses but I have decided that I need some to wear for work and play. I don’t like spending my money on something I can only wear on Saturday and Sunday so here are my top 3 choices from ASOS Curve at the moment. All sizes UK20-26 and the dresses are £40.00 or under so right little bargains, I am going to buy them and I’ll give you my own review. =)




 I love a good red dress, and the casual 1960’s vibe to this one is right up my street. I love how ASOS say the models they use for this range are a size 20 – I would love to be a size 20 with a skinny waist like her.  I am also not a fan of the bare legs with this dress, I think it would look mint with a pair of opaque tights and some killer heels. I also wish this dress had capped sleeves, but hey-ho, would look superb with a leopard print cardi.

I think the shape of this dress is boring, but love the colour.  When the highstreet does vintage it is always this predictable high-neckline with a thick banded waist. I’m a bit in two minds about the fabric for this dress, but the colour has won it over for me, I am going to buy it and see how it goes.

I am just in love with this entire outfit – I am going to buy the dress but would want the boots as well if they were flat. It does worry me slightly that the dress looks see-through on the model, but that’s fine, there is a reason slips were made. I have wanted a new knitted dress for ages so literally cannot wait for this to arrive on my doorstep! ❤

Dont worry my lovelies, the photos will up as soon as the dresses arrive.

Short little blabby post for my lunch break at work. Now im going on Play.Com to buy me and Samantha ridiculous vampire dvds to annoy our boys.